Friday, September 23, 2016

Giant Hibiscus Tissue Paper Flowers

I LOVE making cool party stuff from items from the dollar store. They always have tissue paper there and tissue paper flowers are a lot of fun to make!

I saw this pin for some giant hibiscus flowers and knew I wanted to make some.

The tutorial to make them is here and they are actually pretty easy to make. Making a template actually took up the most time. I was pretty tickled with the first one that I finished.

Then I made 3 more.

I went back later and made 4 more smaller ones out of the leftover tissue paper pieces. I ended up being in charge of decorating the big covered area where we served dinner for the Luau party. I think the flowers looked pretty nice on there! Someone went and cut some bamboo that was growing by the lake and I stapled it about a million times to hold it up.

The flowers added nice pop of color

I think it turned out pretty well for practically free decorations!

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