Saturday, September 10, 2016

Davis Fun

A few months ago I went to another training in Davis. It was for a mentor protégée training which ended up being a total waste of time, but hey I got paid to go there so that part was cool.

Here's a few pictures from two days there.

I was super excited to go have sushi at the sushi boat place again. ummm hmmm this place is sooo good.

The hotel I stayed in was a bit dated and weird. Can you imagine trying to watch tv from the bed? WTH can you get a bit farther away? Good thing I didn't actually want to watch tv.

circa 1980 I think

I went to the farmer's market to meet up with some people and this girl made me do a double take because she looks like Jessica's friend Iris who also does balloon art.

Dinner at an Irish Pub. I got the shepherd's pie and it was delicious. I sat next to the most annoying sounding loud talking woman ever and I couldn't wait to escape. As soon as I got my card back from paying my bill I took off. I have no idea how she even had time to eat since she never.shut.up.

Saw this car in the parking garage. There are a couple cars like this out where I live with all the bobble head things in the window like that. So funny, also they all play bingo like this license plate frame implies.

I liked the 2 toned bark of this drought tolerant garden at a grocery store

Mosaics are everywhere in Davis, even on a big huge carrot lol

I noticed these trees in a yard. Looks like someone tried to kill it and it said eff you! lol

and I thought this was an interesting driveway made with bricks and rock

And the amazing mosaic that leads from the state office to the parking garage!

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