Monday, September 19, 2016

Tiki Luau Party Kids Games

Somehow I always end up doing the kids games at the parties lately. Not quite sure why I always end up doing that other than I want the kids to have fun lol.

We had found a couple of new fun games to play. This one was where you put a beach ball behind your backs and try to get it in the basket first. They did pretty good!

Another gal and I made this tree to play pin the coconut on the tree game. We just had them try to get it the closest to the middle. I cut circles out with my old Creative Memories circle cutters. I put numbers on them and then a piece of tape. They had a blindfold on and then I turned them around 3 times. I think that's the key lol.

We also played a hula hoop game which they figured out pretty good by the time they got to the end of the circle.

And then we had a hula hoop contest, but most of the kids were little so it was just fun. They all got to keep a hula hoop when they were done.

Melissa and my nephew Tony. She volunteered to help out (when I asked her). Another boy was helping her for most of the party. Tony just came and sat down to hang out.

I had about 50 people tell me how beautiful Melissa is. I know, I know, she's so dang cute!

We got some cute straws

for the "lava" punch! I learned the hard way to not add ice cream to warm soda haha! What a mess! We also had free nachos for the kids, which turned into free nachos for everyone since they bought 3 cans of cheese.

Punch ingredients were fruit punch, sprite and sherbet ice cream (and it was delicious).

And I had made up a guess how many candies are in the jar game. The winner got the jar of chocolate shells. They were only off by 8!

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Chris H said...

Pretty close guess then! Yum, I wouldn't mind some candies right now. Oh hold on... Stew just came home with friggin CHOCOLATE!

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