Thursday, December 21, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! 
Today is my mom and step dad's 44th wedding anniversary.
They got married in Tahoe right before Christmas so that they could sleep in the same room at my Grandma's house lol. So silly now a days. 

Today is also my nephew Tony's 21st birthday. Darn kids growing up! He is not a drinker AT ALL so it's just another birthday for him. 

This is what I did yesterday lol. I may be a tad bit depressed. I bought this when my mom and I went to Reno and hit the thrift stores. Sadly it's missing a piece so back in the box it goes and I'll donate it somewhere. I wrote on the back of the box that it's missing a piece lol. If it was whole I would have sold it on eBay ;)

For dinner last night I made this recipe minus the mushrooms. I made some sad mashed potatoes to go with it. I was too lazy to make broccoli lol. I'll be eating salads again in 2 weeks I'm sure. 

I should probably do something productive today. I think after work time I will go to the grocery store and get stuff for the rest of the week & weekend. Stuff to make some cookies too.  I need to get some boxes and I think some wrapping paper to get the wrapping started. Feeling a bit bah humbug as usual. 

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Barbara said...

And you're allowed to feel bah humbug . I had a close friend die just before Christmas last year
Not surprisingly I wasn't in the holiday mood. Be kind to yourself.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My house is not looking festive and it's the first year I've not made a slew of cookies. Here's to 2024 and good health and getting my energy and spirit back.

Julie H said...

@Barbara my friend dying is really hurting a lot!

@Peg we might squeak in some cookies tomorrow lol.

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