Saturday, December 23, 2023


Good morning happy Christmas Eve Eve!

We finally got out the door yesterday close to 11. We hit Costco and then of course we had to have lunch! We went to Mongolian BBQ where Scott loaded his up with hot sauce. I was like that's going to bite you later. Oh noooo! He'll be fine.

He wanted to go to the Stoneridge Mall for some reason. We walked the whole thing and found nothing. Only one store had anything interesting but not the right sizes of stuff we liked.  We had to take a sitting break for the man since he was thinking his blood pressure meds were making him messed up. I think it was probably from the food we ate, the crowds, and the lights. He was fine after a bit and then we went onto Target. We got quite a bit of stuff there, then hit Hobby Lobby, did well there, then finished up at Wal Mart. At Wal Mart he kept saying his stomach was hurting (remember the hot sauce lol) and finally went and got some Gas X. Thank God that worked since I was about ready to take him home and finish up by myself. We hit Winco after and bought groceries so hopefully I won't have to buy anything else for Christmas. 

The girls want to make cookies today so I need to go jump in the shower and clean up the house. I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of wrapping over night tonight or early tomorrow. Weee. Next year we need to go shopping earlier but we probably wont since we do this every year lol. Makes it more exciting if you're a procrastinator haha. 

Trevor had a fever last night but seems fine today. I'm about ready to boot him and Scott out of the house. Just them talking is annoying. I think I have PMS today lol. Every time I say anything to Trevor he's rude back. About ready to get the boot in his rear ;)

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