Sunday, December 31, 2023


Hello happy last day of 2023!!
You know what that means right? 

I have been the worst record keeper this year. Mostly because I haven't really done that much selling. I think I did 4 shows? That should make it easier lol. Mostly sold patterns on eBay and a bit on Facebook. The sales tax people want their payment super fast so I will have to get that stuff figured out.

No plans for tonight. The club is having a party but I don't want to go. They are making some pork something or other. Maybe if it was some beef lol. Probably not for that either. We could just go hang out in the bar too if we wanted to do but I don't really.

We ended up watching the littles for a bit yesterday while Jess worked pulling out all the baby stuff from the loft. 

Instantly naked as usual lol. He pulled out all the books looking for the lions. 

Trevor got this little bed for Simon. Rosie thought it made a great trampoline

I thought she was falling asleep on me but she was still awake 

I got my pink Valentine's quilt done. I love it! It's a little smaller than the blue one I did since I didn't have enough of the backing fabric I picked. 

It's much brighter in person. 

I need to figure out the backing for the red one now and then that will be ready to sew together (have to cut the squares out of the backing. 

Snookie has been sleeping on this pillow in the sewing room (don't mind the mess on the floor Simon always goes shopping in my trash can). Lucy has discovered the pillow and started sleeping on it. 

This morning they are kind of sharing. So cute! I need to order a new dog bed for her. 

Also take out the trash lol. 

Today I am going to a friend's house to get some fabric she offered me. She originally offered back when we were taking care of Scott's mom so I forgot until she messaged me about some books yesterday. Might get those too (quilting books). 

Still have to go to the store. Don't feel like making a menu so will probably just grab some stuff. 

Scott came home with the clock from his mom's house. He's got the two things he worried about now. I told him to bring his sister home and he did that too so she's here now. I'm sure she would haunt us if we left her ashes for his brother.  The clock goes off every 1/2 an hour. I heard 12, 2, 4 and 7 o'clock last night/this morning 😑. Maybe I'll get used to it lol. He had got it back to working when his mom was dying and it was always a weird feeling when it went off. He stopped it when she died. 

I started watching Young Sheldon on Netflix yesterday. I only watched a few of the Big Bang Theory here and there but this show could stand alone. It is really funny so far!

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