Monday, December 25, 2023


Merry Christmas! I just remembered I used all the eggs yesterday and need one to make the lasagna to take to my brother's house later. Whoopsie. Gonna bum one off someone lol.

Yesterday my neighbor Steve brought over goodies for us. I sent him with some cookies. His wife Joyce always makes us a cheese ball and gives us boxes of chocolates.

Filled stockings! Need to add Rosie's name to the stocking before I put them away for next year. And order one for the new baby!

Christmas began when the littles showed up. They make it so much fun! I had got a bunch of animals for Daniel's stocking but they wouldn't all fit so I put them on the presents. 

Daniel loved his Lion King shirts and sweatshirt. He actually had clothes on all day!

The biggest baby

Eric & Melissa

Trevor opening his present with a sword lol. Eric got him a traffic cone. They are so weird. There was another present inside. 

Somehow missed Daniel in the presents photos but he's in a few others ;)

I got Jess one of her childhood toys off of eBay. She tried to put it together at my house but the littles were too interested. She sent me a picture of it after she got home and got it together. Skate City Girls!

I cooked two roasts in the crock pot, made nachos and potato salad. It was perfect! Some had sandwiches but I put my meat on my nachos. I had it for brunch this morning minus the roast beef since there is just a bit left.

Snookie says I'm over this haha!

Need to sort out what I'm going to wear today and make sure it's clean than make the lasagna and finish washing up the dishes from yesterday. I figured I'd have most of the day today to do them since we aren't going anywhere for awhile. It's been a quiet morning!


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