Tuesday, December 12, 2023


Good morning! It's a foggy Tuesday morning here. Fits my mood!

I pretty much sobbed all day yesterday so I'm going to attempt to keep my shit together today. I went down to her dock and had a drink and watched the sunset. Not quite the same without her :( It's so crazy that her and her husband died so young. I feel horrible for her kids and the older grandson who spent time with her.

I wrote this yesterday when I was thinking of all our good times and how much I'll miss my friend.

Things I learned from Traci
It’s always ok to drop whatever you are doing to run out and catch the sunset.
Sunsets are even better with friends on a dock with a cocktail. Bug spray is in the basket.
Floating in the lake was relaxing and fun
Tutu’s are appropriate for any party, along with beads and flower leis.
Silly leggins, socks and sweaters are fun.
Oh and funny hats on headbands!
Dance every chance you get.
Karaoke is less scary with your friends singing together
Book clubs that turn into wine clubs are also fun
Painting and crafting in groups is great
Every day can be a party even if you do have to take time to clean the toilet.
You don’t have to have special occasions for bonfires and smores.
Gin and Tonic’s taste great but make me tired.
On that note, having your friend's favorite drink on hand always makes them feel special.
Diets are less important than good food with friends.
Watching TV with your eyes open is optional.
Porches with friends are the best.
Pumpkins make great snowmen
Vegetable gardens are fabulous
Bike rides and walks give you the best views
Just order all the sushi
Never miss a moment to tell your friends you love them, you’ll never know when it will be the last time.
I’ll miss you forever my buddy.

I was looking for a picture last night and came across this one of Jess with Scott's mom and sister Suzie (and Scott in the background). I just love it.  I told Jess we should frame it and she said she used to have it up but Grandma was watching her so she took it down lol. 

Did you know Blanche from the Golden Girls was Steve's Grandma on Blue's Clues? 

My goal yesterday was to put away all the stuff that has accumulated in the baby bed. Between sobbing I got down to the bottom layer so I'll try and get that finished up today.  My next goal is to clean up the front porch. 

I made this recipe but I totally effed it up by putting a tablespoon of chili powder in it instead of a teaspoon. I was like good God why is this so horrible lol. I added sour cream to mine and it was still hot. I'll have to try making it again but correctly some time.

I got 2 tickets to this Irish Christmas dance for Friday night. Melissa said she'll go with me :) It's at the old theater downtown.

I have darts tonight hopefully I can keep it together and maybe get my eyes to be less puffy. I'll probably start crying if anyone talks to me about her there. Maybe I can keep it together but I doubt it!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I've done that before with the teaspoon and tablespoon. Not too long ago and I kept thinking this really tastes off. I tried to doctor it but it was ruined to the point that no sour cream could have even helped me.

I'm so sorry about your friend. Someone sent this to me yesterday and it seems appropriate for you today --
Grief is the price we pay for love,
and loss is the reminder of its profound worth.

It's okay to cry Julie. ((hugs))

Chris H said...

OK now I understand why you were crying at Darts! Sorry, I forgot for a moment you have just lost your MIL. Hugs

Chris H said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend as well. That must have been hard right after losing your MIL as well.

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