Wednesday, December 27, 2023


Good morning happy foggy Wednesday!
I'm going to go watch the littles in a few minutes at their house. Their mom has to go do the 3 hours sugar test. Blech. Poor thing.

Yesterday I pretty much worked on this rag quilt I've been making from my scrap bins. At midnight last night I finished clipping all the seams. Now to throw it in the wash and see what it does. I think I will give it to my mom for her birthday. Seems like a great way to use up some small pieces of fabric. This method uses 4 blocks together so you aren't ragging every seam. I saw it on Darlene Michaud's You Tube. I made my blocks 6" each to start so mine are a little bigger. I've never made one before so hopefully it doesn't mess up my washer and dryer lol. 

My stomach has been off all day yesterday and now this morning too. Yesterday I had indigestion all day and now this morning I have the runs a bit. Hoping it's just eating too much fatty foods with out a gall bladder. I took an Imodium so hopefully that stops it. 

Next project after this one is to finish up the baby quilt. I have the backing washed so now have to see if I used too much of the batting I bought for this other project! I think it will probably be ok. 

The rag quilt was fun to make so I think I might make another one too. I was able to condense one shoe box of fabrics by making the blue one. I do have some squares left too so at some point maybe I'll mix some colors. I just ended up using the amount I had matching backing for. 

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