Monday, December 11, 2023


Hello it's a sad Monday here. I found out this morning that my friend Traci passed away. She was just recently diagnosed with brain cancer. She first went to the hospital on November 1st so that was so fast :( I'm glad she didn't have to suffer. She was just out walking last Wednesday and I had stopped to talk to her at her house. So glad I got to talk to her one last time. I'm pretty devastated that she is gone :(

Yesterday Trevor had this little coat hanging in the hallway and I was like who does that belong to? Oh just the DOG!  So funny. Poor thing. I'm like she was born with a coat she doesn't need another one. But she does look cute for a few minutes. 

The kids came over for their Sunday play time. Rosie is looking like Rudolph. Jess said she had been scooting across the floor on her nose lol. Just a bit of carpet burn!

Scott was watching the football game so I got a movie on the tablet for Daniel. He liked it and bounced back and forth with watching or playing but not holding still the whole time.

I've had tacos for lunch, dinner and another lunch. There is still quite a bit of meat left so not sure we'll eat it all lol. I took out some other meat for dinner tonight.

My ex-sister in law's grandma passed away the day before Scott's mom and her funeral is on Wednesday. I put in to take 1/2 a day off so my mom and I can go to support her and my nephew Tony. They were both really close to her. She was Catholic so we are going to go to the mass and the burial part. 

No plans for today but tomorrow night I have darts. Wednesday will be the funeral. I invited my friends to come over for dinner soon and Saturday worked out best so our friend Carolyn and Allen are going to come to dinner on Saturday. I need to decide what to make. I'm leaning towards either lasagna or ribs.  Scott makes the ribs so he'd be in charge of that lol. We should try to get a tree up before that maybe. Although I think it would be difficult to keep the kids out of the tree. They are very busy!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm so sorry about your friend Traci. Boy you've had enough funerals for a while.

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