Sunday, December 17, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! 
My last babysitting Sunday. As much as I love being with the kids I'll be a little glad to get Sundays back for a bit! It makes the weekend go by so fast. 

Yesterday I did a lot of cleaning and then was just getting ready to start cooking for my friends to come over when my friend tagged me in this post. My friend Traci's kids were already cleaning out her house and giving it away :( I ran over and got her blue dishes that she loved. She was a huge Wizard of Oz fan and I may have sobbed when they brought a box of that out. I grabbed a few things out of that too. Also got a kids table with 2 little chairs and a side table that the top is painted. I had to lug that over to Jessica's (just across the field) and leave it there to get later since I couldn't get it in my car. No idea where I'll put the dishes, going to have to rearrange a bit. As a reseller I should have got more stuff but it was killing me seeing all her stuff out like that. They are doing it again today but I don't know if I want to go over again. I already woke up crying thinking about her this morning. 

Look at Lucy sleeping with just the sun on her face lol. So funny. Our new back door has 6 glass panes and the sun comes through good in the late afternoon. 

I managed to get the lasagna almost done by the time my friends Carolyn and Allen came over. It was weird just being us and no kids around! Trevor left for work right before they came over. Simon was the kid haha.

This is my favorite, Allen is so funny.

Simon loved them both lol. She was a bit pesky but they handled her ok. I was going to get a game or something for us to do but never got that far. I'll have to get something for next time. 

Saw this thought it fit well!

So today's plan is not much til the kids get here. House is pretty clean so just maybe have to run the vacuum and wash a couple dishes. I put a bunch of crap in my sewing room when I was cleaning to get it out of the way so now I have to unbury my area. 

It's supposed to rain today through Wednesday. Yuck. 
Sad I have work tomorrow already :(

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