Thursday, December 28, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!
It's another slow work day today with only one email so far and it was just a dumb question one. I wonder if next week will be hopping lol.

Yesterday I found a calculator thing to find out what my new pay rate is going to be. We are getting a 5% federal raise PLUS they are FINALLY giving our office the locality pay like everyone else around us. Using this calculator I almost fell out of my chair. If it is right I will make $18K more next year. SUPER CRAZY!! I'll take it of course lol. After that I was folding towels and thinking if I get that I'm going to go buy all new towels. Not that I couldn't do that now but I'm too cheap haha. 

Yesterday morning I went and watched the littles while Jess did her testing. They didn't wake up until almost 11. She said they had all stayed up late the night before. 

Just a little bed head.

Little man pulls my finger when he wants me to do something for him. Sometimes he twists it which is no bueno!

After I got home I put the rag quilt in the washer. I love it! The squares were just random blues from my blue fabric boxes and I just tried not to put 2 matching together. Everything else was random. I did miss one small row to cut before washing. I just cut it and it looks ok for now. I should probably throw it in the wash again but I don't want to.

Simon "helping". She always helps make the bed so she thought she needed to be there.

The back looks nice too. 

I measured out how much batting I need for my other quilt and got that cut and then decided to wait a bit to finish putting that together. I need to clean off the kitchen table lol. Putting the batting and backing on is a little stressful. 

So now I'm chopping up Valentine's fabrics to make another rag quilt or two. It's a great way to use up all this fabric I've had forever. This one is older than Jessica. I don't think I bought that new myself though.

Adding in some fabrics from my red & pink boxes too.

So if you need me I'll be here playing with fabrics ;)


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I wish I could sew like you.Or if you lived here I'd hire you. You could probably make a nice living off of me. I have a skirt and a blazer that need altered and I am looking for a good seamstress or tailor. I loved the one I had up north. Being short and chubby I always need a seamstress. I bought a skirt that said it was a mini skirt. HA I knew it wouldn't be mini on me. It still needs to be hemmed and the sides need to be taken in. The waist fits me perfectly. I'm a freak. If I got it so the hips would fit then the waist would be too tight. And the blazer I could do if it were just a hem but it's lined. I need help. When I buy clothes I must always think of the cost to alter as well as the cost of the product. See how lucky you are to be so talented? I tried to learn to sew in high school and after - It is just not my forte!! But then again I can't do anything so there is that.

Julie H said...

@Peg but I hardly ever fix up clothes lol.

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