Monday, July 11, 2022


 Hello happy Monday! As happy as a Monday can be haha. I am teleworking today, just working on going through the apps that were approved for contracts and seeing what else they need.

I only took 2 pictures yesterday and they were of my friend Traci and her grandson. He is such a cute baby and was so happy. I went over to her house after the election yesterday. The girl I did not want to get on the board did not get elected. Two of the three people I voted for made it in. Lets hope they are all good board members.  Everyone that came over to my friends house was bringing food so they were all invited ahead of time unlike myself. That's ok though, I still had a nice time hanging out and eating their food. 

One of my friends works at Bass Pro Shop and she is going to try and help Trevor get a job there. He filled out the app last night. lets hope he gets one and he likes it! Boy needs to get out of the house and meet some people. 

Tonight I am going to be a sub for Bunco so that will be fun. I guess I'm subbing for my mom lol. I didn't sign up since I was taking care of Scott's mom when they were doing the sign ups. Maybe someone will quit and I can get in again. They always need subs too so that works also.

Today is Jessica's first day at home with the littles by herself. Daniel's leave is over so he had to go back to work. I hope she has an ok day! 

No real plans for after work but I need to work on putting the fabric pieces that I pulled out to keep and small pieces away. They are in a pile on my other desk. Then we'll see where we are at. I have a bunch of panels I had set aside to list together since I need to have a bigger space to lay them out and take pics. I made another payment on my credit card this morning from the weekend's sales. Another $200 down! Down to $900 which I could just pay with some money from my savings but it is kind of fun trying to use this stuff to pay it off. 

Ok back to work!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am green with envy we are slowly twiddling down those CC's but way more than $900 left sadly. I wish Rick's side hustle brought in some dough. I may need to get a part time job when this medical shit is over.

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