Friday, July 22, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! Made it to the office nice and early and even got an iced coffee. I'm addicted to the iced coffee from McDonald's now. I need to just make it at home but it is so good.

I'm completely out of creamer at home (and milk) so didn't even bother making coffee this mornings since I know I won't drink it anyways. 

Pretty much spent all day working on my little sewing project. Here is the keychains when I went to bed last night. All ready for the sewing around the edges and then they will be done!

Plan for today is to go grocery shopping after work. Might try to make a menu before then so I actually cook something. It seems like so much work to cook for just Trevor and myself when we'd both be happy just eating a bowl of cereal! 

No plans for the weekend. Next week is my brother's birthday so I imagine they will have a bbq or something then. 


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