Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! I made it into the office today but my stomach is bothering me and I already had to take the long walk to the bathroom. Hopefully it settles down.

Yesterday after work I went to my friend Carolyn's house for pool day. Jess, Daniel and the littles came but Melissa had to work and Trevor wanted to stay home.

We had fun snuggling with Lillian and watching Daniel swim like a little fish.

Stayed until probably 10pm. Here's our end of night pic. The littles all had a great time (and me too).

Definitely have to do laundry after work today so telling myself now I HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY. Maybe I'll actually do it ;) Work and laundry are the plans for today. Fun stuff. 


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Annsterw said...

Yay to friends with pools and little adorable kids! I also put off the laundry as long as possible...I ran out of underwear yesterday so I bit the bullet and did mine last night - LOL! Have a great day Julie!

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