Monday, July 18, 2022


Good morning happy Monday!  Made it into work today. The construction workers are going to town out front of our building ripping up some more concrete. The whole building has shook a few times. The beeping bobcat is freaking awesome too.

Yesterday I got all these panels up on the FB selling group. Only sold 2 of these so far. They are worth quite a bit so I'll probably end up putting them on eBay or Etsy.

I sold 2 of the Christmas panels but still waiting for the gal to pay. Transferred another $60 over to put towards my bill so it's all god!

This cutie pie came over to play for awhile yesterday while his mom went shopping. He found my hair tie box for my cup cozies and was having a great time with them. 

I'll have to hide them better for the next visit haha

Otter Pops from Uncle Trevor. Simon says I like Otter Pops too!

A hat for Rusty

When I'm not looking for 2 seconds.. bad Grandma

Don't mind my goofy face but here he is mean mugging me when I was looking to see if he was asleep haha

Finally! We watched Mulan (he liked the beginning until the fighting part), Jungle Book (doesn't like the snake), and Lady & The Tramp which he wasn't all that into.

When he woke up I took him home and helped his mom out a little then sat on the couch and held the littlest one for a bit. Came home and had ice cream for dinner and worked on the first box of solid color fabrics. Most are smaller pieces so not really worth it to try and sell them I think. I got the greens done

the rest of the pile lol. Plus a basket of small scrap prints I had tossed aside when I was going through the other fabric.

So that is what I will be working on for the next few days probably.

Had to get a picture of the twins being twins haha. I need to find a nice cabinet to put in that area. My house is looking pretty college dorm at the moment.

Ok I've got a couple things to do for work and the boss is back from vacation so snap snap lets go!


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