Monday, July 25, 2022


Good morning it's Monday again! Made it into work even though I don't want to be here. Bleh.

Yesterday I finished off my Alice In Wonderland bags and keychains 

and Jasmine and Rajah

For B's I only had Beauty and The Beast (no Beast in sight), and one random Bambi keychain I had started awhile back. For C we have lots of Cars and Coco. I just need to sew around the edges for the bags and they will be done. I was out of interfacing so I'll need to get that to finish up the keychains. Most of them were already partially assembled in my box. Lots of Belle's. I may or may not do them all but I think I will try to do them to get them out of my partially made box.

My aunt and uncle came by and brought me some sewing stuff from her mom's garage. She said they might have more since this was not even in her current sewing area. Mostly just peeked inside and saw some vintage precut quilt type things. They were a little dusty so I haven't brought them in yet. I think I will rebox them into my clean boxes before bringing them inside. 

Scott never came home. I texted him around 6 and he said he got busy doing laundry and dishes. Like how much was there to wash? I think that's the equivalent to I have to wash my hair. A bit disappointing.

This morning the little yard kittens were out when I went to leave for work. Horrible picture but I can't blow it up anymore since it gets grainy. Can't get too close without them scattering. 

After work I'm going to go to Joanns and get some stuff (interfacing mostly) and then probably work on my sewing projects. Tomorrow my friend planned an after work swim day so we'll see if that gets cancelled by then or not lol.

OH and I got accepted for a craft show on October 30th in Fremont so that will be nice. I was thinking this morning thought that if they do trunk or treat this year for the kids on Saturday I'll miss it. Forgot about that when I signed up!

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