Sunday, July 24, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Up bright and early thanks to Simon thinking I'm a chew toy.

Yesterday I worked on my A Disney prints some more. I'm almost done.

Aladdin (pretty sure I had at least one more of those zip bags but Tina hid it somewhere)

Misc Jasmin fabric keychains

Alice In Wonderland


I made bunch more keychains but I need to finish up these bags that they match with first. More Alice & Jasmin with her tiger (need to look up his name)

Scott came home to hang out and fix the lawnmower. Jess brought the kiddos over to hang out and visit with him. 

2 minutes after they left lol. After about an hour he finally went out and fixed the lawn mower. He said he's coming back today so hopefully he'll mow the really high patch in the front yard. So weird how there is just one section that is really high. 

We decided to go to dinner and I picked the Mexican restaurant we went to last time. There was a bit of a wait but they take your phone number and call you when the table is ready is that is nice. It was super hot so we waited in the car with the AC. It didn't take too long to get a table but then we sat there for 30 minutes or more before they even took our order. We had drinks and chips that we devoured. If I wasn't an honest person I could have got up and left and they wouldn't have noticed for awhile lol.

Eventually we got our food. This looks great but it was underwhelming. No real flavor to it. I added some salsa but we didn't have much since they never brought the chips and salsa refill they said they would. I brought my left overs home, I have some salsa here to add for a snack later lol.

My friend Kristin sent me this picture of a tooth fairy pillow I sold to her and stuff she put with it for her daughter. Super cute! 

Early in the day she had done Instacart for a gift for Jess for the kids. Diapers, baby laundry soap and some nice lotion. I swear my friends are way better than any aunts and uncles my kids have that are blood. I don't think any of those actually even gave her any baby presents.

I saw this on Facebook last night, and commented that she needed a break from her kids. It got a lot of laughs and likes and someone put "and grandkids" lol. I don't know how many times I've said I need a break and just want to run away. Apparently she did too. I'm sure none of the kids wanted to go with her haha.

Ok off to get another cup of coffee then it's time to get busy and finish up these bags! Not sure what I have for "B" other than Beauty and the Beast. I know I had a ton of Belle keychains started already so I'll finish those up for sure. 

Oh and my aunt sent me a message yesterday that they were going through her mom's stuff (her mom passed away last month or so) and she had some fabric and do I want it? OF COURSE I DO!  She said they'll bring it over this week. More fabric sorting in the future. 


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I've read about this woman Julie If I had that many kids I'd walk the Appalachian trail too!
But you know what struck me? That she was 67 and she looks 87 here. Was it all the damn kids? Was it just in that era that everyone looked so damn old? But I don't think I look like this and I'm 66. Or I'm delusional which could be very well the case. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, I'm sure it was a combo of all those kids and grandkids wearing her out lol

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