Friday, July 8, 2022


Good morning happy FriYEAH! 
Wohooo the weekend is coming in 7 hours lol. 

Yesterday I worked from home all day then vacuumed and mopped the floors in the kitchen, entry, living room and my bedroom. All Simon's favorite spots to crap on the floor. I made pork chops for dinner and then went over to see the babies. My plan was to bring Daniel back with me but his other Grandpa, aunts and uncles came over to play so didn't want to take him away.  I did get some snuggles with Miss Lilly though. Isn't it so precious how she folds her hands together.

I have zero plans for the weekend and after work so I assume I will work on selling the rest of the fabric once I get done ironing and measuring it. I didn't work on that at all the last couple days. Going to have to do some laundry since all my comfy shorts are dirty haha. My friend Cassi went to Oregon to visit her kids so no hanging out with her this weekend either.

Trevor mowed the yard a bit yesterday and then the mower died so might have to go buy a new one. It's been fixed a lot of times. Probably time for an upgrade. We'll see if they have any gas ones left in the store they are supposed to be "illegal" to sell here but we had seen one in the store not that long ago. We should have bought it then. Might be another good excuse to go to Reno haha. Change? Who wants change, not me :)


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