Tuesday, July 26, 2022


Good morning happy work at home Tuesday. Although I was already getting frustrated at my coworkers lol. Simon finally went in the other room and Lucy stopped trying to sit on my laptop. 

Today we are supposed to go swimming at my friends house after work. I kind of don't want to go but I'm sure it will be fun once we get there. (staying home sounds nice lol) I need to figure out where my bathing suit went or just wear my old one. Might just wear the old one since that takes less effort haha.

Yesterday at work they were putting down new concrete in this area. The trees next to it are crepe myrtles and they have been in full bloom. The other day I saw them take a leaf blower to it to knock some of the flowers off. I was thinking how annoyed they must have been yesterday trying to do the concrete and all these little flower buds kept falling into it. I'm sure it made the job take way longer than it should have. Poor planning on the time of year to do that lol. Plus it's been in the 100's so super hot out. Hopefully they will get done with this concrete work soon. I think they still have to pour one more area to the right but they might have done that yesterday.

For lunch I went to the place down the road that makes their tortillas when you order. I got a quesadilla and a medium drink and it was $16 and change. OUCH! I won't be going there anymore unless it is a special occasion. It's good but that is too much  money for lunch.

After work I went to go use the bathroom across the complex since we still cannot use ours and it was locked! TG it wasn't an emergency but sheesh. So drove to Joanns but it took forever with all the commuter traffic on the freeway. I was fixing to just get off and take back roads when POOF it just takes off. So weird. Nothing was there slowing it down. 

I got my interfacing and the box of thread was on sale for $20 so I got that since I'm out of a lot of colors all of a sudden. I took a cruise down the character aisle and they had a sign that said 50% off licensed fabric so I picked a few. Of course it wasn't really 50% off it was only licensed HOLIDAY fabric which there wasn't even any that I remember in that area. Cheaters. So I paid a bit more than I was wanting to but I had some coupons. 

I picked up Jess and crew some dinner from McD's and took it over there and hung out on the patio for awhile. 

My friend Cassi asked if I wanted to play darts so I went home and changed my baby barf shirt and met her down at the bar. There was a bunco game going in the kitchen and the bar was closing in 20 minutes so no darts. We keep forgetting it closes at 8 on Mondays. We hung out on the patio outside and chatted until the bugs were biting too much. 

I came home and finished up these bags. Still need to iron them. We'll see if I get anything else finished up today.

My aunt and uncle dropped off some more stuff so I really should bring that in off the porch too. I could use like 12 more hours in my day today ;)

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