Saturday, July 16, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! I've been busy already this morning. Currently working on wrapping these black and white fabrics on my comic boards. I just ordered some more boards since I am getting low on them.

Yesterday outside of work was a busy day for me. I went to the flea market on my lunch and got this for Trevor, he loves it haha.

and lunch for me-no I did not eat it all! 

While I was bored at work I found some fabric to buy off Marketplace. The gal was busy but said she'd be home around 6 so I had 2 hours to kill. I went two thrift stores and then drove over and it was perfect timing. 

I got all these books and patterns for $4, already put them on the FB group, so far not much action but most of them were selling on eBay if nothing else.

Found a mug for Chris @dietcokerocks haha. I should have bought it since it makes me think of her.

I got 3 grocery bags FULL of character fabric. They are still out in the car I'll bring them in soon. I will most likely cut a bit off for myself and then sell the rest. Most are over a yard I think. 

THEN I went to go see my friend Cassi since she was working at the mall. 

Isn't this bug thing interesting?

A family stopped by to look with this old pug in a stroller and being pushed by the DAD lol. She is 13. I didn't catch her name but she goes everywhere with them and is totally spoiled. She just sat there all content and watched everyone go by.

Scott brought KFC over at 9 to hang out and get something for his over night trip he's going on today. Everyone is riding motorcycles but him since he doesn't have a motorcycle license (or a bike). He is coming back tomorrow (so far) and everyone else is staying til Tuesday. I think they are going to San Luis Obispo I think. Hope they have fun and he enjoys his night without his mom. His brother is supposed to come feed her and give her meds so we'll see if that happens.

Here is some baby spam from yesterday. 

I was trying to find a picture of Jessica about the same age on my computer. I look like Jess does now in this picture. She was so rolly and had so much hair. 

This was my cousin's wedding. I remember nursing her out in the car that had no AC and literally dripping sweat it was so hot. 

and look how hunky Scott is here. Damn. Her hair just cracks me up. This was camping by Yosemite but not actually IN Yosemite because we couldn't afford that and our neighbors let us use their time share free thing they had. We must have looked poor since they didn't even make us hear the sales pitch there lol. I remember we had like $35 to our name and we were like hope nothing happens but lets go.

Ok back to the fabric! I want to get at least one more listing of stuff up on the FB site. Only $600 left to pay my card off ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

wanna pay off mine too?

Julie H said...

@Peg only if your husband comes and remodels my house haha

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