Sunday, July 10, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! I slept like poo last night  and ended up waking up and dozing off a bunch of times this morning. Not including when I got up at 5 to go pee and took Simon out and then she came in and immediately did runny poo in a circle in my sewing room. We are failing at the potty training. Miserably. 

When I got up I remembered we have voting for new club officers today. We were supposed to be voting on some other stuff but apparently they had too many issues with doing things correctly so they are putting that part off til later. I went in and voted and then ended up sitting by myself behind two negative people who complain about everything. I'll make sure and not sit by then later lol. 

Everyone is all buddy buddy with this woman who is running for office who was a fucking psycho a couple of years ago but apparently now she's a changed woman since she stopped drinking. I'm sorry I have a hard time believing she's not still fucking nuts. She'll probably get in as an officer since everyone thinks she's great now. She says she has a PHD but lives in a tiny house with a bunch of kids in poverty.  Like if you have a PHD are you not smart enough to figure out how to get yourself in a better position? I just have a hard time believing it all.

We go back at 2 to see who got in and then vote for President and all that. 

Scott texted me this morning and said he's having some afib again. Always on a Sunday, so weird. He's on all the meds they give you if you go into the ER so just as long as it doesn't get too crazy there is nothing to do. Anxiety meds maybe..

I spent all day yesterday working on my fabric sale. I woke up this morning to more claims and someone was just shopping so I think I will not have much left over. Wohooo. I'm all for empty bins. 

All the pictures I have for yesterday are fabric.

Last night I took Simon for a walk/run. Just a short one probably less than a mile but she seemed a lot calmer after we got back. My calves are still tight lol. I haven't run in forever but it felt good to get out. It was so quiet and still at 9:30pm. 

My friend Traci invited me to come over after the election to hang out. Might go for a bit to be sociable. 

For now working on packing up the new orders and then I'll start doing shipping labels!

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