Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday In SF

The last full day that Jess was here we went to San Francisco. We had too many people to all fit into one car so we took Bart into the city. Which in hindsight maybe wasn't the best idea. It cost us about $100 to take public transportation for the day so I think it would have been the same if we had driven and then we wouldn't have had the melt downs about not knowing which bus or muni to take. Next time! Although the girls did get pretty good at figuring out how to use their phones to find out what bus to take.

Stole this pic from Jessica

As soon as we got off Bart everyone had a melt down because 

1. someone had to pee (no bathroom ANYWHERE)
2. I didn't have small bills like I needed to get on the bus (used them when buying the BART tickets)
3. we walked the wrong direction and got mixed up

We ended up splitting up and meeting up again at Pier 39. We had lunch at Bubba Gumps (holy crap that's expensive for 6 people) and walked around Pier 39.

Looking out to Alcatraz

 More proof the diet needs to start ASAP

Did I tell you guys that Trevor is taller than me now? He's also taller than Jessica (she's like an inch taller than me), so now he just needs to pass up Melissa lol

My kidlets together!

Scott & Trevor

Checking out the sea lions and the "Rocket Boat" goes by. Scott thinks this looks amazing. I see everyone wearing plastic bags and think have fun, I'll wait here!

all the sea lions, they are so dang cute

Trevor checking out Alcatraz close up. I need to take him out there one of these days.

Ariel taught Trevor how to make the claw from his crab open and close. He thought it was pretty cool and didn't want to leave the claw behind. They bought him this cool pen to get him to toss it, but then he just had two lol. That reminds me I should make sure that's not in his room somewhere!

After the Pier we had a horrible melt down but somehow got our shit together enough to go to the Golden Gate. It was a busy emotional day. Next time we won't try to cram so much into one day because it's just too much. When we got back to the Bart station the girls took one car to go do whatever and we came home. 

The next day it was time for the girls to pack up and my mom and I drove them to the airport. That sure was a busy weekend!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Looked over all like a fun day. I love the sea lions, however when I lived in Seattle and they would lay in the sun like this I didn't live near them. I would be at a friends home who did live nearby and the noise they would make was unbelievable. It made me laugh but I didn't live there. I wouldn't want to have lived near there. And in Seattle, no one has a sense of whimsy or humor so this made them angry and they fought to have the sea lions somehow removed to stop the noise thrust upon them. That made me laugh but it was so typical.

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