Saturday, May 14, 2016

Club Car Show

The club had it's annual car show on the 30th of April. Of course we had to have crappy windy weather. Surprisingly there were quite a few cars out in spite of it all. I walked down to take some pictures for the club Facebook page.

My friend Ginny pants this sign that lights up for all our events. It's at the entry to the club.

They had a few booths selling things. The church ladies always sell baked goods. Usually they are all gone by the time I get down there.

This neighbor girl has been working hard selling things to raise money to go to camp. She said she made about $100 (and is done fund raising now). Kudos to her! Most kids just get that handed to them and she had to earn it.

 Jess & Ariel came down and walked around for a bit. Then went to go see some friends.


 My mom came with Adrian and Robert

Melissa came down too! 

My brought some lunchables for the kids. The boys on the bottom were like hey do you have some food for us too? lol. Mom passed out some cookies to them.

Raffle prizes! 

Sweet Robert

The roses in our driveway out front were all showy

A break in the bar with Scott


The big winner

The "beaver bar" ::snicker::

Where every one goes when the car show is over! I hung out for a bit then went home and took a nap!

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