Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Santa Cruz for Melissa

For Melissa's actual birthday present we took her and her friend to Santa Cruz. We didn't go until the week after her birthday since it was raining her birthday weekend. Scott already had plans to go to the A's game with his friend so I invited my mom to come with us. My mom hadn't been to the boardwalk since my brothers were little. That was the time I had my brother Louie with me and we got separated somehow. There was hundreds of people on the boardwalk today and I remember the panic from me and my parents and being so happy when we found each other again!

There wasn't nearly as many people here this day. The summers are when it is really packed. The girls took off together as soon as they got their wrist bands. I let Trevor do his own thing here and there but we made lots of meet up times and were texting where are you's most of the time.

Mom and I on the carousel. This was actually the first time I got on and there were no outside horses. We had to ride a second time so we could grab the rings to throw.

My mom LOVES the caveman ride. Trevor happened to be close by right when we got to the front of the line so he got on with us. It's much more fun with someone who enjoys it (unlike older teens and my husband who think it is lame lol)

Our group right before we left to come home

Mom and I played some miniature golf. Somehow we missed a hole on the score card somewhere.

The caveman..

We did the people movers

Waiting in line for the log ride

Post log ride. SOAKED! haha good thing it was warm. Probably should have brought a brush!

Saw these in a gift shop. I was thinking how funny it would be to lay them around the house during shark week!

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