Monday, May 16, 2016


Time to do another RANDOM post. (also known as a picture dump!)

I've been playing bingo almost every Wednesday. Sometimes I actually a couple bucks lol

They have white elephant type gifts that people bring to donate. Everyone gets a ticket when they come in and at the intermission you can "win" something. Sometimes it's just crap but I got my friend a vase to use for her wedding lol. (the big one not the little one they threw in)

Ahhh fire pit bonfires at my friend's house. Talk about good times!

Saw these in the store the other day. Anyone else remember these tasting like chalk?

Hey I won something!

This is the levee over by my  mom's house. The club used to mow it, then the levee people said to stop mowing it they were going to take care of it. Soon it will catch on fire, I'm sure. Then they'll say they weren't responsible right?

Found these at Costco, yeeehaww

I've been doing some filing stuff at work. These folders are like little knives

My beautiful Jessica

My beautiful Melissa. Doesn't she look like a rock star? (stole both their pics lol)

This is my neighbor's house that usually has tons of junk around it BUT they have been fixing it up a little here and there. I noticed the shutters the other day, I thought they were cute!

I won Roses at bingo one day :)

Sunsets! I'm so glad it's getting dark later now so we can enjoy the sunsets at the end of the day (when it's not windy boo)

Went for a walk one day on my lunch hour at work. I know where to get some pine cones if I need them.

Anyone else's kids always fall asleep in the car? Must need the sleep so he can grow 12 more inches taller.

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Okay, I've been reading you too long. Your son has really gotten older and grown taller.
Your daughters are beautiful young women. This means I am old Julie. shit.

I can't get over your "lawn" (or neighbors lawn) I always forget it's dry where you are and I imagine you don't have lawns.

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