Thursday, October 7, 2010

Saturday night I was laying around trying to finish reading my bookclub book when my friend called and asked me if I wanted to go out to a club with her and some other gals.

Hmmm quick assesment of myself. Hair in pony tail, glasses on, rumpled clothes I've been wearing all day and all my make up rubbed off.

So I said "SURE!" and ran to find something to wear and clean myself up real quick. We made plans to meet up at our little bar. I got down there and no one was there so I had a drink real quick and watched the tv and played on my phone. My friend called a bit later and said she was out front so I went out and jumped in her car and we were off.

The club, it turns out, is in the old Lyon's Restaurant building, that is currently sporting a "Scrambler's Restaurant" sign. Interesting..

So we go in and get a big table and the place eventually starts filling up when I start to realize something.

There's hardly any white people there.

Which is fine, really, everyone that I came with was hispanic and black. But I was starting to feel like everyone was looking at that really pale girl over at the table. And you guys know, I'm pretty new to this going out to club type things. I pretty much went from High School to married and wearing sweats. So I'm always totally shocked at what some women wear when they go out.

The most shocking were definitely the girl with no bra on, and she wasn't some flat little thing either. The same girl also had quite a little bubble butt, which everyone at the table was convinced was "not the real thing".  Then there were multiple girls with dresses that barely covered their cookies, and they danced in them.

As the night progressed there finally started to be more white women. Which I soon noticed, were also lesbians.

It was all good though and we danced (even though I had never heard most of the songs they were playing) and had some drinks. It was a pretty good time. We all agreed that we liked the other club better.

I stumbled in at 2:30 in the morning (we had to do a Jack In The Box run on the way home). That was an exciting night!Pin It


Mariah said...

Jack in the box runs at 2:30 AM indicate a VERY good night in my book

Chris H said...

Yeah, girls here wear some shocking clothes too! One girl down in Palmy a few years ago walked past me and I swear to god she looked disgusting... so I said to her "Did you even LOOK in the mirror before you left the house?". She just smirked at me! Trollop.
I'm glad you had a nice time... even if most of the people in that club were lesbians and the like!

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