Monday, October 18, 2010

Lordy Lordy Look Who's 40!! And Holy Crap, what was that??

Woot! I have 50 followers finally!
Only took almost 4 years :) I love you all!!

So today my man turned the big


Yeah baby! We're getting old.
Which means that we haven't killed ourselves or eachother yet so it's all good!! He took the day off, since we all know that if you go to work on your birthday it becomes the worst fucking birthday ever.


He got up early still and made lunches and took Jess to the bus stop and the little kids to school, so it was like "I" had the morning off. Awesome!!

Got to prison  work and put in my hours. Only had to change desks 3 times today. Maybe someday I'll have my own. It was a totally not exciting day if you don't count the cupcakes and the apple pie. And YES, hanging my heaed in shame I had them both!

After work I came home and kicked it for about an hour then we got ready and went out to dinner. Jessica drove, Scott in the passenger seat and me, in the back with the other 2 kids remember that, why yes, I do still get car sick. We got to Texas Road House in one piece and only had to wait 5 minutes. While we realized we knew the people in the pictures in the lobby area. That means you live in a small(ish) town you know?

We don't go to Texas Roadhouse very often. I admit I veto the idea most of the time.  The whole idea of the peanut shells on the floor,  totally grosses me out! I KNOW it's supposed to be fun. But it's gross. Gross. Gross.
I started off my dinner with a fishbowl margarita, which wasn't all that exciting but I did feel slightly foggy later so I'm thinking that was from that lol. Rolls, salad, a tiny steak and a loaded sweet potato (which I only ate a few bites) and stick a fork in me I'm done!! Everyone behaved (if you don't count Trevor flicking peanut shells off the seat and almost hitting the woman across from us in the foot!) and we were out the door and on our way just a short time later.

After dinner we stopped off at the grocery store because we are out of peanut butter and Melissa won't eat anything else for lunch. We let the girls run in and get it. We were sitting out in the car when we hear this weird crunching type noise. I look up and there is a car going over the little concrete island and it had just ran OVER a TREE!! Freaking crazy!!
So the car stops with the car on top of the tree and the woman driver (sheesh give us a bad name will ya?) hops out and the man gets in and drives the car forward into a parking spot. Not sure if she ruined anything on her car. I'm pretty sure the tree is done for!
We're having a big party on Saturday. I've invited a ton of people and now it "may" rain. If it does we are fucked because our house is about [ ] big and he still hasn't finished putting the roof on the garage (it has plywood but no shingles). So let's all do our anti-rain dance, ummm kay?
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Sara Strand said...

I feel the SAME way about Texas Roadhouse. The whole thing seems unsanitary and the thought of eating peanuts that someone else maybe touched...not so much. Ew.

And I love that you got a picture of the tree. LOL.

Jennifer Owens said...

Texas Roadhouse is one of my favorite restaurants - peanut shells and all. (o: I'm all about the rolls and cinnamon butter! Happy Birthday to your man!

Mariah said...

i like Texas roadhouse except for the peanut shells. Happy 40th to your man! I'm almost 40 and it's freaking me out!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

God I can't even think of the last time I was at Texas Roadhouse!

Happy 40th to your man!

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

that is *quite* the birthday adventure! happy day to your man and i'm thinking i'm with you-- eeewww to the peanut shells on the floor! :)

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