Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Weekend Adventure Part II

Sunday morning Scott and I were wide awake around 8:00. By ten we had all the kids up and wandered down to get some breakfast. No one else was around or up so we just went with our little family and my nephew. On the way walking trying to figure out what we were going to eat Jessica is starting in with her attitude. I'm not hungry and they only want me here to babysit.

On and on and on. My God the girl drives me batty sometimes. At one point while we were waiting in line she said she should just go back to the room and I told her fine then go. Then she left and called later because she couldn't get in the room. Come to find out Scott had flipped the latch thing. He knew he had done it and let her go all the way to the room and back. Evil dad! I think the little walk did her some good though. I had sent her a text to just come back and told her she didn't have to eat if she didn't want to. Everything turned out fine after the whole drama fest.

Breakfast came and the sausage that was on the plate was "salisbury steak" according to Scott. All I knew was that it was gross. Didn't eat mine and he just thought for sure that we should complain about it but didn't want to complain to the waitress for some reason. When I went up to pay the bill I told the cashier that we were disappointed in the meal and she took off one item (like $3) so I guess we can't complain too much. Although he did anyways.

After that we went to Circus Circus. Originally the plan was that my brother was going to take them to Circus Circus but we hadn't seen him so we just went. The wedding was set for 4:30 so I figured we weren't going to have to much opportunity to take the kids over there to play. They had a blast playing on about $20 for the 4 of them. Toward the end of the time we were there my brother showed up and hung out with his boy. My kids were ready to go back up to the room, which was surprising to me that no one was begging for more money or anything. That was really nice! My three went up and Scott and I went and played around in the casino for a bit. After awhile we went and hung out in the room until it was time to get everyone dressed and ready.

Our whole family was all on the same floor in the same little corner area, which was really nice. We met up in my brother's room right before it was time for them to catch their limo to the wedding and took a bunch of pictures. I didn't take quite as many since my mom was taking a ton and there was someone there with a fancy camera too. Here's one of our little family. I just love the face Trevor's making haha.

If I ever actually have some self control and go on a diet and stick to it and I lose my huge neck I'm going to throw a party. I can't believe how old Melissa looks already (she's 11).

After the pictures we had to walk over to the chapel while the wedding party went in a limo to get the marriage license and a ride to the chapel. Let me tell you, my shoes were so cute but FUCK my feet hurt by the time we got there. Pretty shoes are made to be seen not walked in.

We beat the wedding party there so we stood around outside a bit. Here's Scott and his "big" brother haha. (he's actually like 6'1or so, he sure looks tiny next to Scott though!) His brother is the brides father. Make sense? We like to keep it all in the family here apparently haha.

The little chapel is right next to a tattoo parlor and a liquor store, convenient eh? Oh look here they come!!

Isn't she beautiful!! (that's my baby brother and his wife right behind them)

Then we waited in the little entry way-waiting room area for a tiny bit while they did the important stuff. It wasn't long before they told us all to come in!

I'm pretty sure the minister had a few sips of something before he performed the ceremony. He was pretty hilarious. Everyone was cracking up.

...and then, they were married :)

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Stacy said...

Maybe the minister was hitting the sacramental wine with the priest at the wedding we went to, because he was cracking jokes left and right, too.

Jennifer Owens said...

How about that! I guess your niece and I have very similar taste! It's a gorgeous dress and definitely my favorite out of the few I posted links to! (o:

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