Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Club For September The Crossroads Cafe

Sunday was book club!
 I still hadn't finished my book so I spent all morning reading reading reading. I finally finished it about an hour before book club and then they hardly even talked about the book. Talk about being a bit disappointed! Our book for September was the Crossroads Cafe
I was a little disappointed that I had read the preface in the beginning since it pretty much told me what was going to happen later. The book was pretty good but it took me FOREVER to read, probably because I have been so busy. 
From Publishers Weekly

Two damaged people find love and redemption in bestseller Smith's latest, a heavy-on-the-syrup romance that drafts 9/11 into sentimental service. Cathy Deen is Hollywood's "it girl" until a paparazzi car chase ends in a car fire that horrifically scars Cathy, ending her glamorous life. News of the accident soon reaches her hometown in the mountains of North Carolina, where Cathy's cousin, Crossroads Café proprietress Delta Whittlespoon, sees the news on CNN and resolves to get in touch with Cathy. She enlists the help of Thomas Mitternich, a new addition to the Crossroads community who appeared in town four years ago to drink himself through the grief of losing his wife and son in 9/11. Thomas, using his New York contacts, helps Delta get through to Cathy, and after phone calls from Thomas and overnighted boxes of Delta's biscuits, Cathy returns to her ancestral home, where she falls in love with Thomas as they both try to rebuild their lives. Smith's prose does little to enliven a boilerplate plot, and 9/11 amounts to little more than an easy way to heap suffering on a character.

I got my copy from the library so I don't have one to give away, sorry!!

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MJ said...

I read that book a little while ago this year and I found it was pretty good. But I have read another one from Deb Smith and was dissapointed. So it was a good first choice :)

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

oh, hooray! i heart book club! we are reading dracula next-- you know all halloween-y spirit and all.

this was a really well done review, thanks!

btw, i found you through scary mommy! :)

Chris H said...

Well it doesn't sound like a good read, so I won't then. lol
Hope your weekend is going well.

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