Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh I'm not going to sew it...

When I was in Wal Mart the other day to buy some tuelle to make Jessica's tu-tu for her costume I was reminded of my days of working in the fabric store. The fabric store was my first job and my "go to" job when I was in need of one a few times. I have some pretty good memories of working in the fabric store. Ones you'd probably have to be a fabric lover to understand. The way the fabric feels when you run your hand over it. The smell of fabric. The thrill of unwrapping a new bolt. The thoughts of WHAT you can do with all that fabric on the roll. Not to mention the sales with an employee discount on top. WOOT!

But anyways, a bit off track. While we were in Wal Mart and waiting for the poor gal that was working the photo area AND the fabric section to come over and cut the tuelle for us I was measuring it out to see how much I wanted. Jessica was saying how I should work at the fabric store again. Sadly they don't pay squat, have to work holidays, nights and weekends so that's a BIG step down from my semi-cushy government (outsourced) job. A lady that had been standing there trying to decide what she was doing overheard the conversation and asked me how much fabric I thought she'd need to wrap around the waist of her son.

"He's about my size" she says

And the memories flood back of EVERY halloween time that I worked. The poor moms coming in with these grand ideas of halloween costumes. Moms with patterns, moms without patterns. Mom's who could sew, and mostly mom's who could not!

We sold a lot of that iron on fusing tape. I often wondered how those kid's costumes held up. Did they make it through the class party? Did the the costume ever even get FINISHED? Did she break out the stapler?

I used to make all my oldest daughter's costumes. Until I got too busy and realized that the store bought costumes were costing a lot less money then the ones I was making. Not to mention TIME. Of course, they don't last as long either, (Melissa's strap already broke off hers!) but hey what's a working mom to do?

Anyhow, I had to pull out the machine to make Jessica's little tu-tu. Here's a picture of her semi-homemade costume she wore to her party tonight.

When I dropped her off there was a girl outside in a sexy cave girl type outfit. I think the homemade fairy look is just fine :)Pin It

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Sara Strand said...

I gound a no sew tutu thing online. I think I'm going to actually attempt at making one next year. For me, obviously.

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