Friday, October 29, 2010


Well it's been a spooktacular day. I worked until lunch time then came home for about half an hour. Half an hour with no one else here, ahhh bliss! Then it was off to the school for the kid's annual Halloween Parade in the cafeteria. Here's the kids sitting with their classes.

Melissa's graduated to the big kid seats

up on the stage with the mamarazzi

 Talking a walk around the gym getting some treats

 Melissa's turn

 I can't believe how grown up she is now

Then afterwards we went over to my mom's little house to help get ready for the Halloween Party she was throwing for Melissa and her friends.

Isn't my mom's place cute? It didn't look anything like that when she bought it.

My aunt came by with some cute cupcakes she made.

 And here's Melissa and her friends at her party

 There's 4 girls staying the night, hope they behave, mom has a big wooden spoon ;)

Do you have any fun Halloween plans? I think my mom's a saint to throw a party for a grandkid!

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