Sunday, January 22, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! 

This popped up in my FB memories from 10 years ago. Scott's parents would have been married 75 years today. He's been gone for what seems like forever now and she is not this person anymore. Sad :( Wish we didn't have to grow old and lose our minds.


Yesterday I FINALLY went to the grocery store with Scott and Trevor in tow. I didn't make a list since I'll be gone all week and kept telling Trevor to get food for himself. I did got a few things to take with me on my work trip. I leave on Tuesday and come back Friday night. Boooo. Usually I would be all excited about going somewhere but 4 days of being retrained on how to do my job doesn't sound like any fun. At least I know some people to hang out with a bit but we'll see how much that actually happens.  I'm such a Negative Nancy about the whole shabang! 

Before we went shopping we went to lunch at BJ's. Haven't been there in forever. It was good but my boys both order a full slab of ribs lol. They both ate everything on the plate too. That's what happens when you have giants in your family I guess! I got a nice burger but I got it medium well and that was a mistake. Should have just got it medium. This is the first meal since last Monday that I didn't get sick right after. I think I might have had a little bug or an IBS flare up or something. So weird. Glad that is done for now. I'll be eating out a lot this week so bought myself a bottle of Pepto to take with me. Stupid stomach always giving me grief.

We picked up these premade calzones at the grocery store for dinner (I wasn't really even that hungry but had a bit at around 8pm) and they were really good. I'll have to get them again. They were only $6.98 each (got 2 so the giants would have enough ;))

I started working on a new bag. I got it all cut out and sewed the "gusset" on and then realized I didn't have it centered and one side was shorter than the other so have to pick it all back out. I got one side undone but still have to do the other. My friend Cassi wanted to go to the bar to hang out so I went to hang out with her for a bit and was home by 10. I was so tired but my comforter was in the washing machine so I went out and threw it in the dryer and set my alarm. I woke up to it an hour later, ran out and grabbed it and went back to bed.

Well Trevor just woke up with 102 fever. Might not be babysitting today after all. Great. He hasn't even been anywhere to get sick. I heard him coughing a little bit this morning. Guess we'll Covid test him when he gets up. 

Tina made this big mess when I went to work on Thursday. I swear she punishes me when I'm gone lol. At least it wasn't too hard to clean up.

Tubby was snuggling my baby blanket yesterday. So cute. 

Well today has had a whole turn of events just while I was typing this. Such is life I guess!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, It is sad that your MIL is not with you anymore. I mean she is alive but you know she is not "with you" poor thing. I hate this aging shit!

Julie H said...

@Peg, yes it is super sad. I'd rather just die in my sleep with all my brain cells.

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