Monday, January 23, 2023


Good morning happy stupid Monday. I hate Mondays lol. We should have 3 day weekends every weekend. I already felt stupid trying to do some online thing for work. It's like here's a screen shot with all these notes that didn't actually do anything but make me more confused on what I was actually doing. Not looking forward to 4 days of "training" and feeling dumb in a group setting. Although it looks like most of it is stuff I know how to do so hopefully feeling dumb is minimal.

Trevor seems to be feeling better this morning. Fever has gone down to a low grade one. So weird. He doesn't have any other symptoms other than his head hurting, which of course it does when you have a fever. I'm like am I next? What do I do if I get sick when it's time to go to a 4 day training? What if I get sick while I'm there. Anxiety. Sigh.

I spent all day yesterday working on this bag and a 2nd one. They are pretty easy other than the corners where the main part meets the side part at the beginning of the strap if that makes sense. Probably would be easier if I didn't have a few extra seams from using the pieced fabric. The pattern is from this site.  The directions are not new sewer friendly at all but luckily I could figure it out ;)

My friend Cassi wants this one which is the first one I made

and then I made this one. I added a pocket inside. The pattern has an optional pocket on the outside of the bag but it is too small for a phone so I didn't bother with it.

When I make another one I think I will topstitch around the body part. That would look nice.

My next project is to make some smaller bags out of the scraps. Hey I got a whole big bag of stuff out of my large desk. That's pretty nice.

I need to figure out what to take with me this week. I have taken my sewing machine more than once on a work thing. Although last time I didn't use it. One time I worked in Petaluma for a week and made a ton of Christmas wine totes. That was different though since I was just helping an office and didn't have the after work socializing that comes with trainings. 

I think I get overstimulated by people much quicker now then I did pre Covid. Probably not the only one that is like that I'm sure. I was telling Scott I don't know the last time I actually had to wear real clothes 4 days in a row was lol. 

We start at 12:30 tomorrow so I'll probably leave my house around 10. That should be enough time to get there, park and figure out where to go.

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