Wednesday, January 11, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday!
No more plans for the week until maybe Saturday, which is my mom's birthday. Sunday I will probably be babysitting.

Last night I had darts which we lost the first 3 games but then came back and won the rest so we won overall. I threw the last dart that won the last game so that was fun. My friend Cassi came down to hang out and we played 2 games of Cricket after. We each won one of those. 

I was actually up and at them earlier than usual today so that was nice that I didn't have to pry myself out of bed as much.

Yesterday I drove to Manteca to get some stuff and lunch. I drove over our river and it has a long ways to go to getting full. There is still a walking path along one side inside of the levee if that makes sense. Nice to see we don't need to panic. The roads going to Tracy however are all messed up. At least we still have an out from here if we need to go somewhere. 

I cracked up at this "bridge" over a puddle to the kitchen last night. They should of just roped it off if they were worried about it. 

The big boss called me for work yesterday and heard all my complaints. He seemed mildly interested and said he'd get back to me by next Tuesday. I know nothing will change but at least everyone up the ladder knows how stupid we (I)  think their changes are. I really hate my job now but it is easy and I have insurance so I should just be quiet and do the few emails a day I get and sew while I wait for them. I had to write an email requesting to use my own car and not get reimbursed and why I wanted to do that for the training in 2 weeks. Like wtf do you care if I take my own car. It got approved this morning so that is good.

I have been playing with my Valentine's garland scraps. Not sure what I'm doing with them yet lol. I might cut hearts out of them once I sew them together. I think that is the way I am leaning to. I was thinking about maybe making some place mats but we'll see. 

Jess and family have been at the Great Wolf Lodge the last couple days. Daniel works there so he gets deals and they had spent the night 2 nights ago. I guess a toilet wasn't working and no one came to fix it so they gave them a 2nd night for free so that was a win win for them. I hope they had fun. I'm about ready for a vacation but the roads all suck to go anywhere. 

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