Saturday, January 7, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! I had membership meeting this morning, all super nice people. Only problem was one person was sponsored by a 92 year old woman who couldn't hear so we couldn't really ask her any questions lol. 

Yesterday I took Trevor to his dr appt and then we went to Game Stop. Game Stop is like the store that you'd be least likely to find me in next to like fishing and guns lol. I have no idea about anything. Trevor got a few games for his Switch and I just looked around. They had a lot of stuff on clearance and then another 20% off and I was like dang wonder if you could make a profit on this stuff on eBay lol. I saw this Transformer and it reminded me of when Trevor was in love with them but couldn't get them to change right and would FREAK OUT and we'd have to have Scott fix them when he got home from work lol. 

After that we went to Chili's for linner. This was so good. 

Got home and worked on my garlands for the rest of the night. Puppy Pile!

Something was stinky and Snookie was mortified that I thought the smell maybe was coming from her. She spent the rest of the evening wayyy over there lol

I finally finished all the garlands late last night. Now to take pictures of them hanging up. I'm going to put the pictures of them in the package. I ended up making 25 lol. 

This little one is giving her mommy a run for her money! She didn't want to drink her bottles but apparently thinks baby food is good lol.


Got the laundry going, rewashing what was in the washer for like the 3rd time lol. Set my timer so I can remember to go out and change it. Pretty sure my big rug is getting ruined out in the garage. Going to have to shelp it back in the house. The end is wet from the garage leaking from the floor wall during all the rain and it reached the rug.  Still waiting for this dog to stop crapping and peeing in the house. Just when I think she's getting it she does it again. 

Still need to take the Christmas boxes out to the shed. It's all ugly outside but not raining yet, I should go do it now. I am going to put the bassinet away too and bring in the little crib my mom gave me. If I don't end up using the crib I'm going to give it away. It is just a little portable one that folds down flat. 

Starving, need to make something to eat but I have to cook it. Maybe I'll go pick something up lol

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