Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Flamingos and Scrappy Purple Project

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday morning I had this cute visitor on my porch. Someone bought a flock of them and put them out in the neighborhood. I didn't get mine redelivered last night but I'll make sure and do it tonight.

Doesn't Lucy look like she's going to kill me? That spot she is in is the treasured spot in the room now. All the cats but the old guy take turns up there. Mostly Lucy and Tina but Tubby took a nap up there the other day too.

I finished putting my little scrappy squares together. It is not very big all together so it will need some borders added to it. I have quite a little collection of tops that need to be finished now. I think that I am going to just try and quilt them myself with just some simple quilting. We'll see how that goes. First I need to get some batting.

Now I have all the little purple pieces left to make some crumb blocks with. 

I went over to my neighbors to see what she wanted to get rid of yesterday (wore a mask and she had her stuff in the garage with the door open).  I got some spools of ribbon and a bunch of lace. The rest was mostly cording and belting type stuff that she had and I don't think that would sell for much and I don't think I'd really use it. She wouldn't take any money for what I selected so that was nice!

I'm all caught up on stuff to do for work unless someone sends an email. I should really go into the office and do printing and filing but I don't really want to. Maybe later in the week. There are so many sick people out there.


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