Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Seeing Red

Good morning! What day is it I don't even know. Ohhh hump day!

Every day when Scott leaves for work he gives me a kiss goodbye. This morning he kissed my forehead and said he thinks he might have a cold. Wait, what?  Hopefully he just has a sore throat from snoring so hard. Of course now I'm like do I have congestion? Cough Cough ok no I'm good lol

Trevor is making us French toast for breakfast, yes please!

Yesterday after work I made some strippy mug cozies from the leftover pieces I had. These are just the base parts I'll need to put them together still (batting, loop, button, back etc)

and now I'm working on some more crumb blocks to finish cleaning up the bits and pieces. I'll finish those after work today most likely.

So one of my coworkers said she talked to some people and the guy that passed away was most likely a suicide. So sad :(  

Well that's all the excitement I have today other than seeing all the RumpSters hanging out in Washington DC with no masks and their stupidity. WTF people. Go home, he lost. 
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