Monday, January 25, 2021

Quilting Weekend

Good morning! It's Monday again, that sure happens fast doesn't it?

I spent the weekend finishing off 2 more quilt tops I had done.

Got this crumb quilt finished

and this pink strip quilt. My friend really liked this one and asked to buy it for her daughter so I have to mail it out to her this week.

I also got a mask order so I got those done so I won't have to think about them lol. I've now made 1575 masks. This used up almost all my bee fabric, I just have the sunflower one left and a scrap of a different one with a green background. These are for a baby shower.

Next up for the sewing machine is to make some more green blocks so I can finish up this green quilt top I have started. It is not really big enough as it is. I pulled out all my smaller green scraps and cut some strips to get it started last night.

For some reason I have A LOT of green fabric. One of these days I'll work at putting some fabric in my Etsy store. 

After I get this one done I just have a really small purple one I had started and then some random blocks. Wooohoo progress! Oh I also have Melissa's quilt she made but I was going to take that one to the lady with the long arm to finish off with some fancy bubble quilting.

I think I will probably give some of these to the nieces and nephews for Christmas. They are a nice size for little kids. Anything much bigger would be too hard to put together on my sewing machine.

I did NO housework this weekend so I get to catch up on washing dishes and doing some laundry. I've been watching Schitt's Creek while sewing most of the weekend. That show is funny and I like how the episodes aren't really long.

Ok off to do some work! Hope you have a good one.


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