Tuesday, January 5, 2021

End of Christmas

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Trevor made me this nice breakfast yesterday. He did a good job!

My friend Traci lives across from my mom's cabin (Jessica is renting it now). Nice little rainbow over her house.

Well it was time to take the tree down. I don't know who rewrapped the garland but they didn't do a very good job lol

Tubby supervised me putting the ornaments away. She loves to sit in the crock pot. What a weirdo. Don't worry I'll wash it again before I put it away lol

Last night I make up the last of the heart mug rugs. I had these hearts left over from so decided to just make them up

I cut what was left of the fabric pieces I was using into 1" strips to play with next lol. Whole room full of fabric and I just want to play with the scraps. Not sure why that is so entertaining to me.

Yesterday I found out one of my coworkers passed away. I used to call him "Trail Mix Guy" because he he would eat a bag of trail mix for lunch every day. I think he thought he was being healthy but of course it was like 1500 calories for a bag of trail mix lol. Then he stopped eating lunch all together, I think he was doing the Keto diet or something. He lost a lot of weight. The last time I went into work he was pretty thin. He was maybe 30, single (but he had a dog) and made beer with his brother. I'm not sure what happened for him to pass away. My boss said she had just seen him last week so we don't think it was Covid. So sad. 

Well guess I have to go put some pants on so I can take the dog out. Maybe by the time I'm dead we'll have a fence so I can just open the door.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

well, your fence idea sounds great in theory.
Izzy has had to be walked since we got her at 5months old.
then when we took her to the lake house - no need to walk her - she wouldn't go on the acreage. Nope. She had to be walked to poop. What a crazy dog.
Those eggs were done just like I like them, crispy edges and dunkable eggs. Trevor can stay at my house!!
How sad that a 30 yr old has passed. Hopefully not covid since he was just in the office. But he must have been sick for awhile I would think. But what do I know.

Julie H said...

@Peg, I don't think it was COVID, maybe an accident or suicide or heart attack? IDK

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