Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Big Sewing Weekend

Morning! I had a busy sewing weekend! But first I did a little more organizing. This is my "pattern cabinet" that I got years ago and brought into my sewing room once I had one lol. It had been out in the shed with household tools and stuff. At the beginning of the pandemic I had 3 drawers of patterns that were for sale on Etsy. Now I'm down to the top drawer and the little bit of the 2nd drawer. Part of me wants to just get them all sold out! The other part of me wants to go shopping for more to sell lol. I haven't been sourcing since the pandemic started. I wonder if the stores are full of patterns again since I haven't been there to buy them. 

Top drawer is themed fabric

Then bigger regular fabrics

and then 2 sizes of smaller scraps and patterns that are "mine"

Saturday I added a border to this quilt and then went to Joanns to get some batting and backing fabric. I was trying to use what I had for backing fabric but just didn't have enough yardage of one fabric. 

 I decided that I just wanted to try quilting these at home instead of paying someone to do it.  I think it turned out ok! It got a little bunchy in a couple spots but it is ok. Learning as I go!

So after that was done I had to clean up my extra scraps. I've been trying to do this as I go so I don't have so much. 4 new crumb blocks 

Then I had left over of the border I had made so I cut that down to 1 1/2" strips to match some others that I have been making in case I decide I want to mix them together

and then I had 1" strips left over and was able to make 4 squares of those, which I really like how they turned out

Sunday I quilted this purple one up, it is a lot smaller, so baby quilt sized. This one quilted great but the border I had previously put on got bunched a bit. Almost like it had been stretched. Oh well good enough! Still cute!

I had enough fabric for the back and the binding

I was showing my mom what I had left to finish and ended up adding 3 rows to this one. This is the last crumb quilt I have put together. The rest of the blocks are chillin' in the bag. I'm waiting a bit still to finish this one off since I had already cut the batting for another.

Next up is this one. I think I am not going to put a border on it and just let the binding be like a border. I got the fabric ready for the back and the batting cut so just need to pin it together.

After this one I'll have to go buy more batting. I have 3 more tops to finish up including the crumb one pictured. So those will keep me busy as my latest projects lol.

That's about all I did this weekend other than hanging out with the kids for a little bit when they came over to do some washing. Yesterday I let Jess borrow my car to go to the beach and before they left the baby did a giggle when I was playing with him. So cute!!

Ok off to do some "work". 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

These are all very nice Julie. I wish I could sew! And is there anything cuter than a baby laugh or giggle? I don't think so!

Mandy said...

I love the quilts! They are beautiful!

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