Friday, January 22, 2021

Working and Sewing

Good morning happy Friday!

I slept like crap last night. I should just stay up and do something when I can't sleep instead of laying there trying forever. Finally fell asleep and then the cats kept waking me up scratching something (probably the couch little assholes). I slept great from 6-7am though. 

Today I'm going with Jess to the dentist (probably sit out in the car) so I can pay for it with my Care Credit. For some reason they said I had to be there even though the rest of the family has used it without me. That's ok though, I'll just get a Starbucks while I'm waiting.

Yesterday I went to work all day and printed out stuff and filed stuff. Stayed til 7. So much stuff that needs to be printed off. I just put myself on the calendar for next Wednesday so I can do some more. I was thinking on my way there yesterday how funny that it is like a big ordeal to go into work now when I used to do it everyday.

After I got home I finished putting the binding on this quilt. It's kind of a raspberry pink.

I have 3 left that I started to finish off, one more pink, a green and the other crumb quilt I added to the other day.

I'm going to work on the other pink one next.

This one is long and skinny right now. I debated taking a row or two off the length to add to the width but I don't think that will work out well. I pulled out all my pink scraps last night to make some more strips to make it wider. Hopefully it will blend in ok, I think it will.

Trevor went to the store yesterday and bought stuff to make himself lamb chops? Weird kid lol. Now he's making us breakfast. He bought a new knife too. Hey maybe I won't have to cook anymore ;)

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