Friday, January 29, 2021

Ready for the Weekend!

Good morning! 

It is Friday woohoo! I feel like I have a sleep hangover. I could barely get myself out of bed. The boy doesn't have school today but he was up bright and early. He'll probably end up napping later.

My work is so funny! We had a "training" on some new form they want the "customer" to fill out. It super detailed and they are like DON'T FILL IT OUT FOR THEM. But also draw a line through these parts if they don't apply to them. Go watch all these videos on how to fill it out BUT DON'T DO IT FOR THEM.  Freaking ridiculous.  Yeah ok, I'll get right on that. Ugh.

Also they were like when you are sitting with across from the customer. Uh I haven't sat across from a customer since March 2020. Did they forget we are teleworking? Stupid. 

After work yesterday I took a nap but didn't really ever fall asleep, just was laying in bed playing on my phone. Dinner was in the crock pot so I could be lazy and productive at the same time haha.

After dinner I made my Dad 2 masks with doubled up fabric (so 4 layers instead of 2) and then looked through my green fabric to find something to back my green quilt with but didn't like any of the fabric that I had enough yardage for with the quilt. Guess it's another Joann's trip in my future.

So I worked on the scraps that had ended up in my little scrap bin and bag and started working on some more crumb blocks and cut what I had of 1" strips for a strip block. Didn't get too far though since all of a sudden it was 11pm. 

As usual no plans for the weekend. Remember when I was so busy every weekend? Seems like a lifetime ago. We have 1 month until Trevor turns 18 and I will have no more minors in my house. Crazy! 

Oh wait I just remembered I'm supposed to go with Melissa to look at a car tomorrow. That will be a nice ride to get out of the house!

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