Friday, January 15, 2021


Good morning! I almost just got up at 4 am because I had been awake so long. Scott got up and was talking to himself in the bathroom at 2 am then came back to bed and started snoring and I was wide awake. My hand has been bothering me every since we painted so of course that was aching. I finally got up and took some Advil and then I was able to fall back asleep for a bit.

Yesterday evening my old Buster cat had a seizure. I thought maybe he was dying but then he was fine and purring again. Sheesh silly old cat. I have never had an animal have a seizure before but I remember my grandma had a dog that had them. Also in high school a kid had one at the bus stop once. That was terrifying.

We just got an email from the state office at work. I'll share.

Dear California NRCS employees, contractors, and partners:

 With the potential for civil unrest directed at federal agencies, everyone in our NRCS family shall take the precautions listed below through Friday, January 22. FSA employees have received similar guidance.

 Also for your reference, attached is a notice from the FPAC Homeland Security Division.  Please contact your supervisor or SET member if you have any additional concerns or issues and above all be safe.

  • All employees should telework through 1/20 and preferably through Friday 1/22. If you have an issue with teleworking contact your SET member and they will provide you instruction on your situation.
  • Starting now through 1/22 do not wear government logo attire or your LincPass lanyard in public.
  • Keep your LincPass with you when away from the computer.
  • When securing the building, take all computers home, lock up all PII, secure sensitive and easily pilferable equipment and close the blinds.
  • If you are on your way into the office and encounter a protest or civil unrest near the building, do not try to go through the crowd to get to the office.  Instead, safely make your way back home to telework for the day.
  • Building doors remain locked at all times
  • If working in the building next week (please see the first bullet point) pack a lunch; do not leave the building during work hours
  • If a crowd gathers, leave via the back door if possible, otherwise shelter-in-place until it is safe to leave the building
  • Call 9-1-1 if anyone starts banging on the locked doors
  • Call the local law enforcement non-emergency number if a crowd starts gathering

Yeah so that's awesome. I was thinking of going into work one day next week but maybe not now. Although we are out on the edge of the city so I doubt anything would happen there but you never know.

Last night I made up 6 masks for my best mask customer. Her son wanted to give some to his teacher I think she said. So fishing and teacher themes is what she wanted.

Ok off to tackle the few emails I got of stuff to do then back to working on my spreadsheet. I'm almost done with June so making progress!

I've also been working on the laundry I had been neglecting and started cleaning some stuff up in the garage. My husband is the least organized person I know and never throws anything away. Doesn't help that he has a giant car in there with no wheel on it so we can't even push it out.
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Chris H said...

Crazy to think you are still making masks! NO one wears them here now as we have zero cases of Covid in the community. That could change at any point of course. Shame Scot is not organised... more training needed! lol

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