Friday, September 9, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! After 4 attempts I finally got my pictures to upload. So annoying.
Working from home today. I started off my morning by cleaning up runny dog poo from all over the living room. So disgusting. I wonder if she drank too much water yesterday from her little pool.   

Finally fixed up my little plant area at work. I had got a couple more succulents to replace the ones that died during covid (everything in the big frog one on the left and the white one in the middle). Amazingly the green pot and the long one made it through 2 years of hardly being watered. The small frog one was empty so I added some to that.

The new shredder for work is a real piece of shit. I told my boss maybe we can go up higher and see if they can get us another industrial one. We were told by the girl we send our orders to that there wasn't enough money in the budget. My boss said maybe we'll get enough money to get one in the new budget. They are like $2k. I did what I could with this little one in between it having to take a break for "over heating" and emptying out the paper bin. Made a huge mess. Swept most of it up before I left, it needs a vacuum lol.

Went to the grocery store after work. I was like what is this? Egg Wraps but with MOLD all over them. So gross.  

The car was only 111 when I came out. It was so hot. Thankfully Trevor brought the groceries in for me so I didn't have to go back and forth. 

Looked at the weathers since Peg thought we might get rain but I think we are too far north of the "hurricane". WTF we don't have hurricanes here. The weather has been so crazy lately. Only supposed to be 107 here today. I got up and turned the AC to 78 last night and after mopping the floor this morning I was already sweating. Back to 72 to you go.

Charles finally is King. Did you all watch The Crown? Seeing how his whole life has been leading up to this moment. I bet he thought the Queen was going to outlive him. Still amazing she lived so long and was up doing stuff. I look at my MIL at 93 just laying around waiting to die for like the last 5 years. So sad. 

The weekend will be a little busy with Membership Committee in the morning and then Sunday we have Adrian's birthday. Hopefully we have a nice weekend and nothing happens to make us miss the party this time!


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