Saturday, September 10, 2022


Good morning! Happy Saturday! I woke up at 5 something when Simon threw up on my bed. Yeah that was nice. She didn't make any pre-noises to get her kicked off in time lol. More runny poo on the floor in the living room so hopefully she will start feeling better soon and not get worse. She has a vet appointment in a couple days. She seems to be acting fine but I am keeping a close eye on her for sure.

So today is laundry day (finally) to get all my bedding washed to start with lol. 

Yesterday I got all the keychains I had partially done (for Disney fabrics) pieced together and with their back pieces sewn on. I might not finish them all up when I work on them since there is a lot but we will see. Next step for those is interfacing.

Then I went through and started sewing my 1.5" strips together like I like to do. There was a ton of blues so those got their own then a pink, purple, some white and a few yellows that had pinks in them in another roll.  I still have a ton of yellow/orange/red and green left. I had to stop though since my back was hurting. I ended up going to bed super early and I think I fell asleep early too but then of course woke up a little bit here and there. Probably will work on more of the scraps today so I can get them tidied up and it's a break from making bags and keychains.

I went to the membership committee meeting this morning. The 4 people that applied were all pretty nice. One has to come back tomorrow for an impromptu meeting since she didn't bring her kids with her like you are supposed to.  I guess they decided a quick meeting tomorrow instead of making her wait another month. Good thing Adrian's party isn't until later in the day.

I guess we are getting cooled off a bit after all. For a minute it said we might get raid between 11-12 but that came off when I looked at the weather again. My AC needs a break I got an email saying my bill is on track for over $500. Just ridiculous. I turned it up to come on at 80 this morning and so far it's just kicking on for a minute or two. I'll probably decide I'm sweating to death in a bit and have to turn it on again though lol. I wish I had a nice screen door for the front that I could open and let the breeze in. Or a new window in the kitchen they I could do a cross breeze. That one is the last ancient one we have that are a real bitch to get closed if they get off exactly straight when you lift it up. 

Scott is here this morning playing on his phone. It's time to change the laundry over so I guess I'll go shlep outside and do that.


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