Sunday, September 4, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! I just spent my morning cleaning up everything I cleaned yesterday. Grrr so annoying. Why can't people clean up after themselves. And Animals haha.

Yesterday morning I got the house all cleaned up and the floors mopped so my little buddy could come over and play. Scott got here right before I went to get him so he was here all day too. 

Playing in Simon's cage with Tina lol. She wasn't too sure about that. 

He dumped what was left of the Cheeze Its in to the tub and then climbed in there with them lol

Uncle Trevor jumping in to play

Snookie enjoying a nap on the recliner foot rest lol. I held her down yesterday and cut her nails. Much easier on my bed where I can use my whole body lol. They are still a bit long but much better. 

I took Daniel home and Miss Lilly was sleeping in her little nest lol.  Won't be much longer and she will be rolling around. 

Jess was watching an old Gray's Anatomy and it was the last episode of that season so I got all sucked into it. The baby woke up so I got to play with her a bit. 

She's not impressed with my selfie skills ;)

Came home and ALL the toys were still on the floor and Scott had left. Hey thanks for pitching in! Appreciate us being a team. Yeah.
Got that all picked up, had a bowl of cereal and then went to lay on my bed to watch Tik Toks but fell asleep really quick. My lower back and hips were hurting from mopping and vacuuming. I'm old and out of shape for sure.

No plans for today other than do some laundry, take a shower and play with my fabric :)

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