Saturday, September 3, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! I've spent my morning so far cleaning up the kitchen. Now to do the living room then mop. I want to see if my Daniel can come over and play for awhile, I miss him! 

Yesterday I got all these ready to sew up finally!

Trevor and I went to the post office and to La Villa for lunch. Their tacos keep getting smaller and the price keeps going up lol. Pretty soon we'll just never go out to eat because it is a days wages for a meal. 

Don't mind my mess here but Snookie is so funny how she lays on Rusty and he just lets her. This morning I held her down on my bed to cut her toe nails. Sheesh. They are still a bit long but they were super bad. She is the only dog I've ever had to cut nails for and I hate it! They are completely black so it's just a guess where it's going to start gushing blood if you get it too short. 

Simon got all her zoomies out for a bit so it is quiet right now haha.

Last night I went to the bar for a bit and my friend S was there AND HER DOG. There was only like 4 people in the bar so I was like uh no big deal. She was totally sloshed and so when the club president came in and told her to take the dog home she lost her shit. So that was fun. TG her friend got her to go home without her doing something stupid. I hate when people get like that.

Another neighbor friend who had to have surgery a couple months ago was telling me that last weekend her car got repo'd from the bar parking lot. OMG! She is single so one income and got behind when she was off work for her surgery. Two months behind and they took her car. She said she was trying to get it back. I guess she just has to pay what she owes, some fees and then the next month. Sheesh.  Sad how you can just lose everything if you are sick. TG her daughter has a car so she can still go to work. Imagine if that was your only transportation and we don't have any buses that come by where we live.  One more reason to get all my bills paid off. At least if I croak no one will have to suffer bill wise lol.

Oh and one of the dart teams was short a person so I got asked to play. So I'll be playing darts again soon. Their team plays on all days though so I have to pay more attention to the schedule.  Fun fun.

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