Monday, September 12, 2022


Good morning, happy Monday! Working from home today. I was going to go in but ugh Monday lol. Milking the last of my time with my boss who is my boss now since it changes on October 1st and I know she's going to be more in my business lol.

Yesterday we went to Adrian's birthday party. I picked up Daniel and he went with us to Target to get a present for little Joey since I missed his birthday. Daniel got some new Little People and one in a tractor. Here he is later putting them in cars he had at home. 

Little Joey with the RC car we got him, It was a hit although it took my brother like 10 minutes to get it set up once it was out of the package. 

Birthday girl Adrian is a teenager now

Oldest and youngest nieces and they are sisters


My little Lilly

My mom with the youngest grandchild and great grandchild lol

Stella LOVED Lilly, it was so cute

Vincent was also all into her but Little Joe was like let's go play haha

The big boys

audience for blowing out her candles


Helping their big sister open her presents

Oldest and youngest grandkids for my mom

This kid is all personality


My dad and nephew Tony

The big kids playing Uno outside to get away from the littles haha

I came home and pretty much just went to bed since it was kind of late to work on any projects. So not much sewing this weekend! I need to finish up these Disney fabrics so I can get some sports stuff done for my Oct 2nd craft show. That is coming up really soon!


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