Thursday, December 29, 2022


 Good morning!

Happy Thursday, wish it was Friday. Stayed home from the office again today since why even go in, so stupid. Plus still coughing a lot so no one needs to be around that. Hardly anything to do either.

Yesterday I was looking for some kind of Valentine's fabric project and found this one

I cut some hearts out of all of my heart & Valentine's fabrics. Next I'm going to do some coordinating fabrics I think. I was thinking it would be cute with some pom poms too.

Oh and I forgot I made a few Christmas coasters from scraps that were on my table first. The bear one in the middle was already pieced in that stuff I got from the neighbor lady awhile back. Glad I saved it, it's cute ;)

Trevor has to go to the Dr today for his ingrown toenail. He had surgery on it awhile back and now it's all gross again. I thought that was supposed to take care of it forever.  Not planning on going with him for that. 

We are supposed to get a big storm. I looked and it said .5 inches projected lol. Just kind of laughed when they were like we're getting sand bags just in case. The river is at 7' and can be over 20'. I don't ever start worrying about anything until all the little islands disappear (can see them from the bridge going over the road).  The water is a sad sad state around here. We'll see how this big storm does. 

That's about all the excitement here!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You could be in Buffalo. So you'll be fine. LOL
We are back to normal temps here 50s and 60s. Whew just glad that cold spell is over. It was brutal here. I do not want to see my heat bill next month.

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